Sunday, June 6, 2010

Who We Are, What We Do

OUTPATH is the officially recognized Baguio City affiliate group of the Spirit Questors Inc., based in Quezon City, Philippines. As an affiliate, it adheres to the very basic founding principles of the SQInc: to promote understanding between what is seen and what is unseen, without asking any favors in return. You do not need to pay us anything because we render our services ABSOLUTELY FREE, no catch. Monetary gain is not a priority in our activities.

Outpath is not an organization: it is a small and loose group of people with similar interests in research and investigation in the unseen and the unexplained. To assure ease of management, group policy dictates that there can be no more than ten active members within any given time period.

Outpath is not a religious/spiritual group. It is not a cult, not a coven of Wiccans, not an ESP group, not even an organization of "psychic vampires." Outpath does not adhere to any religious affiliation. The group's work gives priority in a scholarly approach to supernatura activity. Unlike many Philippine-based paranormal research groups, we rarely, if ever, give emphasis on topics covering Wicca, the New Age, Eastern Mysticism or faith healing. Our main focus is to giving an explanation (not necessarily proof of existence) to unexplained events focused mainly in the Baguio City area.

Membership in Outpath is done through limited invitation only. Each member of Outpath is chosen based on their open-mindedness, impartial opinions, devotion to and interest in Outpath's research, adherence to policies, and (most importantly) a capacity to generate objective and plausible theories to explain the unexplained. So, for example, if the supposed spirit of a dead old man bitterly haunts a hundred year-old house, Outpath members must determine if at all a spirit indeed haunts the place, why or how the spirit is connected to such a place, or why the house is historically important at all.